City Hall 101

In the spring of 2016, The City of Calgary along with the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee once again hosted City Hall 101 (formerly called We Should Know City Hall) – a free public workshop for citizens to learn about how to get more involved with their City and City Council.

City Hall 101 Is it Municipal 2016

This time around, not only do we have photos to share, we also have a couple of great videos AND an amazing comic strip created by artist Sam Hester to share some of the lessons learned during our workshop.
What is City Hall 101 all about?
Check here for a quick overview of our event as shared by our Chair, Dani DeBoice.
Get Involved at City Hall:
A panel presentation, using the Senior Age Friendly Strategy report presented at City Council’s Community and Protective Services Committee meeting, allowed us the opportunity to talk about the many ways you can get involved. Our sincere thanks to citizens Catherine Brownlee, Ellen Close, Nabeel Ramji and City of Calgary Director of Calgary Neighbourhoods, Katie Black for taking the time to share their passion and expertise. Check out the video highlighting

Neighbour Day in New Brighton

We recently profiled Highland Park and their very first block party for Neighbour Day 2015. Now it’s time for the amazing community volunteers of New Brighton to shine. Here’s their story about their successful Neighbour Day.

It is never too early to start thinking about hosting your own Neighbour Day event in 2016!

New Brighton Neighbour Day 2015

Q: What inspired you to participate in Neighbour Day?

The New Brighton Community Association offered a free block party to the best nominations on why your block should win.  My nomination was one of the winning choices.

When I met with Amber Stewart, community member and Calgary Board of Education public school board trustee representing Wards 12 and 14,  we just thought it was the perfect day to get all the neighbours together to meet, laugh and have fun.

Q. Neighbour Day has struck a chord with Calgarians. Why do you think that

Calgary is a community not a city.  We have always been a community, when people need help we are there.  I think that we want to be friends with our neighbours and just have a city wide

A Thing for Calgary and Canada – Supporting Syrian refugees

As a result of the Syrian crisis, many Canadians (and many Calgarians!) are having conversations and taking action about how they can each help create the Canada we hope for. Together, many are welcoming refugee families to our great country and city. Facebook pages have been created, websites with important resource information have been shared.

One group calls themselves Hand Over Hand, and they partnered with the Mennonite Central Committee-Alberta. We talked to Lori Beattie, one of the organizers, about the inspiration and challenge of sponsoring a refugee family.


Hand Over Hand Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Group


Q: What inspired you to create Hand Over Hand, a group of people to sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family? And when did you decide to just do it (and make it more than just a good idea)?

On Sept. 6, 2015 my friend Marla Orenstein sent out an email to her friends, asking for help to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. The photo of the little Syrian boy, Alan Kurdi, who drowned trying to flee Syria with his family, had just been on the front page of the paper. After seeing that photo I also wanted

3 Things for Canada

Mayor Nenshi recently presented ” The Canada We Hope For: A Naive View” at the Lafontaine-Baldwin Symposium. Within that speech, he challenged Canadians to consider 3 Things for Canada!

And my dream for Canada, my dream for this nation in the world, is that simple. That we do the right thing. Can you imagine if, for 2017, for the sesquicentennial of this great nation, we give Canada a birthday gift? Can you imagine if Canada gives the world a birthday gift? Can you imagine Three Things for Canada? Let’s make the commitment today to each do three things for our country, for the world, starting now and continuing through our 150th birthday. Showing everyone the right things to do.”

3 Things for Calgary can also be 3 things for Canada!  

Sharing our stories that we can change the world.  This is just one story, what is yours?