Calgary’s 20-Minute Makeover 2012

This blog post comes to us from Cathy Taylor, Project Manager, Centre City Implementation/Clean to the Core, City of Calgary

Thank you, Calgary!

This year’s 20-Minute Makeover was a great success. Thank you to the individuals and families, schools, companies and community organizations that pitched in to clean up. We had over 3800 people cleaning up more than 260 sites around the city. Information about locations and a map of the impact are available on the 20-Minute Makeover website.

What was most exciting was the diversity of people and groups who joined in and the enthusiasm they had for the task.

  • There was four year old Taz who absolutely loves recycling and keeping his community clean, and seven year old Justine who hates litter and signed up to do something about it!
  • There was Susan who sent out an email to neighbours and ended up with 60 enthusiastic participants for a Friday night clean up and potluck in a local green space.
  • There were many dog walkers who cleaned up off leash areas.
  • A number of schools participated including Langevin Science Alternative School whose 700 students painted fish on storm water drains as part of the Yellowfish Road clean water campaign, dropped educational flyers in neighbourhood mailboxes and cleaned up the neighbourhood all on the same day.
  • There were the three seniors in MacEwan Park Heights – one of whom had hip surgery six weeks before – taking time to clean up the back lane behind their village.
  • Corporate Calgary came out in force and cleaned up parks, boulevards along busy roadways and the parking lots around their buildings. Volunteers from Canadian Pacific Railway cleaned up 16 bags of garbage along the train tracks downtown over a single lunch hour.
  • Community organizations and faith groups had pizza lunches and potlucks after their clean ups. Many incorporated the 20-Minute Makeover into their annual community-wide clean ups.
  • Library staff, police officers and City business units used lunch hours to pitch in.
  • We received emails from many people who said they make picking up litter a habit on their regular routes throughout the year.

The 20-Minute Makeover reminds us that if we all do a small part we can do great things together and have an impact. The City of Calgary would like to do this again next year and so would love to get your feedback. You can email us and let us know your thoughts and ideas. And watch for next year’s campaign!

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