Political conversations support a healthy democracy

Shane Byciuk, a local political blogger, has helped organize two inspirational events in Calgary: #Polibowl  and #Poliwings.  And because we are so impressed with these events and with the importance of political conversations supporting a healthy democracy, we asked him to share his story.


Q: What inspired you to create  #Polibowl and #Poliwings? And when did you decide to just do it (and make it more than just a good idea)?

#Polibowl was the brain child of a group of political bloggers I had collaborated with prior to the 2010 Civic election. (Calgarypolitics.com)  This group consisted of 4-5 political bloggers from different political spectrums that worked together to write non-partisan posts on the civic election campaign.  From that group, we decided to hold an impromptu bowling fundraiser with a political theme, in an attempt to create a fun, unique event.  To our surprise, it quickly sold out and became a huge success.

I organized this event again in 2013 and 2014 and this September to continue to raise funds for an amazing local charity: Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids.

#Poliwings was created in much the same

Highland Park’s very first Neighbour Day block party


Welcome to Highland Park!

Neighbour Day is an inspiring and easy way to make our community even better. The second annual Neighbour Day happened on June 20, 2015 and over 70 official events happened throughout the city. Many communities, like Highland Park, hosted their very first block party this year. 3 Things for Calgary reached out to 3 different communities (Erlton, Highland Park and New Brighton ) to share how their day was organized, what it means for Calgary, and what’s next. For more information on how to host your own Neighbour Day (or any day for that matter) party, you can check out the City of Calgary’s helpful information page.

So, once again, welcome to Highland Park!

Q: What inspired you to participate in Neighbour Day?

A few of us were together having drinks while our kids played one night. And we got to talking about how much fun an old fashioned block party would be. Some of us have known each other for years, others are getting to know each other. But there are many new faces and families on the street as well as

Hillhurst School wins Calgary Award for one of their 3 Things

We like sharing inspirational stories and The Calgary Awards are filled with them! The awards are an opportunity for The City, our municipal government, to recognize contributions that improve our community. Hmmm… sounds like many “Things for Calgary”. On Wednesday, June 10, Hillhurst School received the Calgary Award for Environmental Achievement from an educational institution.

Hillhurst School Giving Day

Hillhurst School’s Giving Day is one of their 3 Things for Calgary. In December 2014, Hillhurst Elementary School hosted its first Giving Day to replace a Christmas program that did not meet the needs of this culturally, geographically and socio-economically diverse school population. Students, their families, the teachers, school staff and community members were asked to donate items to create a market for “Giving Day”. Each student who donated one or more items received 10 tickets to make purchases, followed by the school and larger community to attend to buy items. All sales proceeds and leftover items were donated to charities. In addition to the many lessons learned about inclusiveness, charitable giving and working collectively to make the event happen, there was a very important environmental learning component

Alberta Provincial Election May 5, 2015: One of your 3Things

Voting, as we said in our blogpost during the 2013 municipal election, is the cornerstone of our society. This time around we are asking you to exercise your democratic right and vote in the upcoming provincial election on May 5, 2015.

Elections are a great opportunity to do one of your 3 Things for Calgary. Consider volunteering on a political campaign, talking to your friends about the election issues, and voting- all can be some of your 3 Things!

And, of course, vote on May 5, 2015. Check out the following four videos about the importance of voting.