Talk, Act, Lead: Samara’s Democracy 360 Report and our very own 3!

Well well well, would you look at that. Samara Canada, a national, non-partisan organization that champions increased citizen engagement in politics, launched a new blog today - Democracy 360 - about how Canadians talk, act and lead in politics. And right out of the gate, they’ve featured none other than 3 Things for Calgary. The article is called Count on Calgary for Engagement and you can read it here. Thanks for the airtime, Samara Canada, we think you’re pretty swell, too!3 Things Event Neighbourhood Potluck Food and Conversations

One of Anita Hofer’s 3 Things was to host a neighbourhood potluck!  Neighbours, Food and Conversation!


Winter Walk Day

One of your things for making Calgary even better could be participating in Winter Walk Day on February 4, 2015. When you think about it, walking builds community–especially if you walk as a group in your own neighbourhood! Join others and register here at SHAPE (Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere) and together let’s see how many people we can get walking and enjoying Winter Walk Day in Calgary.

Every February, Canadians of all ages are encouraged to take a minimum of 15 minutes out of their day to go outdoors to enjoy our winter and walk!  Here in Calgary, you can either participate in a variety of City of Calgary Recreation events or (this is how simple it is!) gather your neighbours, school colleagues, or co-workers, dress for the weather and step outside and walk!


Winter Walk Day connects nicely with Mayor Nenshi’s Walk Challenge. Mayor Nenshi was recently at Rundle School talking about the importance of everybody walking more!

Watch: CTV News Mayor Nenshi’s Walk Challenge

Is walking one of your things? Share your story of your Winter Walk

We Should Know City Hall #3 (We like that number!)

The Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee–with the enthusiastic support of the City of Calgary City Clerk’s Office–hosted the third We Should Know City Hall event on November 3, 2014. The turn out was great, the buzz of conversation was inspiring, and we introduced our latest version of the popular “Is It Municipal?” game (to explore the differences between the various orders of government).Is It MunicipalThe workshop provided citizens with tools and confidence to better connect with our City Council–whether it is how to contact City Councillors, attend a Council or Committee meeting, or when to call 311 (anytime!). It was all about how easy it is to provide the public voice to the City’s decision-making process. And it helped participants to feel more comfortable coming down to City Hall!We are in the midst of gathering feedback on our latest format of our workshop, and then we will start planning the next one! In the meantime, here are some handy links on how to get more involved with The City of Calgary, including links to help you connect

Q&A: The [amazing!] Bench Project

finished bench

Not long ago, Calgarians noticed homemade benches popping up in their neighbourhoods—random, beautiful benches made by anonymous people to make our city that much better. The Bench Project (@BenchProjectYYC) is an amazing example of how a little idea can capture the imagination of thousands of people. In recent days, the project by a mysterious trio has been profiled in the media and even CBC Calgary is adopting it as a Do Crew project (you can volunteer with them to make a bunch of benches).

This is a great example of 3 Things for Calgary and a project that can inspire us all to do something to make our community better. We contacted the anonymous bench-builders to ask some more questions about their project, what it means for Calgary, and what’s next.

Q: What inspired you to create The Bench Project? And when did you decide to just do it (and make it more than just a good idea)?

We have been inspired by many projects and organizations including a movement in New York, documented by, where individuals and